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I'm sorry but I will not have any more Havanese babies, Fancy and Twinkle Toes are retiring. They are 5 years old and now they can play and sleep all day.

All Pups have been adopted

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twinkle toesCome in and visit our beautiful Havanese. We hope you enjoy your visit. We are located in Loganville,Georgia north of Atlanta. I am owned by two female havanese, Fancy and Twinkle Toes (her name use to be Bella, my husband said Bella doesn't fit her and he named her Twinkle Toes) she dances on her back legs. She owns him. Check our available page to see our havanese puppies. We are not a large breeder we only have puppies a few times a year, sometimes the girls may go into season close to the same time and we have two litters. Both girls are champion sired and AKC. Fancy my sable female weights 10 pounds and Twinkle Toes is a small girl at 8 pounds. My two males live with my daughter, that way nobody has to be kenneled. She only lives 5 minutes from me so you can still see them. They are her boys now. They live in the house and are spoiled rotten. Coco is champion sired and Teddy is a champion, they are AKC. Coco weights 10 pounds and Teddy is 11 pounds

I am hoping to sell my puppies in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tenn., South Carolina all  southern states so I don't have to fly them, I would prefer you pick them up or I can meet you. Here's a little information on the wonderful Havanese breed.

Country of Origin: Cuba or the Mediterranean.

Size: The Havanese height range from 8.5 to 11.5 inches and their weight can range between 7-18 pounds.

Coat: The Havanese is non-shedding, and can come in a variety of colors including cream, chocolate, pure white, or a combination of several colors.

Character: The Havanese is very intelligent, happy-go-lucky, lively, and playful.

Temperament: Havanese get along well with children and other pets. They do well in almost every social situation.

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